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Entrance fee is Free Charge!
To adomission to the Cosplay Pesta is free for admission
but you need to present your ID to enter the venue.
Advanced booking is necessary to participate in the cosplay contest.
コスプレ・ペスタ 神々の島バリ島にコスプレーヤーが集結!
Cosplay-Pesta in the Island of the Gods, Bali.
Come and join us!

We supports the cosplay culture,a symbol of Japanese culture and We invent a fusion of Japanese and Balinese culture.There are Cosplay Contest,Anisongs,Balinese Dance,Yukata rental and method,Sale of cosplay supplies,Food fair of Japanese-style...more

This event, including a costume play contest of Japanese anime character, which is the attention all over the world will be held the Watermark Hotel to the venue. Annual festival that takes place in the Island of the Gods, Bali. Cosplay Contest winner will be given a photo shoot of the rights of by a Japanese photographer in a special situation.

About Cosplay Pesta




Japanese POP culture festival held in Bali, the island of the gods
A worldwide movement of Cosplay which was born in Japan finally lands in Bali. Enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Balinese cultures. Cosplay contest, Anisong performance, Balinese dance show, Kimono rental, cosplay goods market, Japanese food stalls and many more!
The main event of this fest is the cosplay contest where contestants called cosplayers compete in how precisely representing specific characters in anime, comics or games with decorative costumes and accessories. The winner of the contest is given the opportunity of an exclusive photo session with a Japanese professional photographer in a special setting.
Cosplay Pesta is held in Watermark Hotel.

Cosplay Pesta is held in Watermark Hotel, Bali. Inspired by the history of Bali, the symbol of this festival is the God of Water. Prize winners in the cosplay competition are blessed by the God of Water. The aim of the event is to encourage interaction between Japanese culture and Balinese culture.
The cosplay contest winners are elected by ballot. H.I.S is a Japan's leading travel agent that manages Watermark Hotel.

Schedule of Events
Cosplay Pesta Event
***Watermark Hotel Kedonganan Jimbaran
Doors open 16:00-22:00
Food stalls open 16:00-21:00

Having Fun at Cosplay Pesta


***How to enjoy Cosplay Pesta
Feel free to take pictures of cosplayers or ask them to take pictures with you. A professional photographer may take a great shot of you. Also visit our website for many great photographs of the event.


Cosplayers, it's a great opportunity! Photos taken by a professional photographer make your cosplay look levels higher. As the photographer gives you permission to use the photos of you, you can use them on your profile.


Enjoy Japanese festival food.
Japanese chefs offer authentic Japanese tastes on food stalls. Try delicious and unique Japanese food.


We also offer Japanese style food stalls. Entertain your taste buds with authentic Japanese food!

This photograph is not computer-edited

The first-prize winner of the cosplay contest is entitled to photo shooting by a professional photographer. The location for the photo shoot is a "secret" place in Bali where every photo is taken superbly.

And there are many more prizes for the winners.

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Entrance fee is Free Charge!
To adomission to the Cosplay Pesta is free for admission but you need to present your ID to enter the venue.
Advanced booking is necessary to participate in the cosplay contest.

The Cpsplay Contest fee is Rp.20,000 per person. It can be wire transferred or paid by cash on the venue.


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